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LimeVest Partners is a growth capital investor focused on investing in promising middle-market Egyptian companies to support and accelerate their growth all while enhancing their governance, profitability, and sustainability. Our capital plays an important role in achieving broad-based economic growth by providing companies with patient, long-term capital, and expertise to help raise their standards and catalyze the creation of quality jobs.

Our seasoned, on-the-ground team has extensive knowledge of the local market, experience working with companies, and deep understanding of the challenges facing such companies. We are committed to setting the standard for purposeful private equity investing and having a sustainable impact. We work with our portfolio companies to improve the environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects of their business to create long term value for our investors, portfolio companies, and the communities in which we invest.


LimeVest Partners is a member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN). Our membership signifies a commitment to deepening our engagement in the impact investing industry.

If you would like to submit a grievance anonymously, please indicate so in your communication to LimeVest Partners. Please note however, it may be difficult for LimeVest Partners to conduct the investigation and may not be able to give feedback on the result of the investigation of the issue that you have raised.

Grievances can be submitted to LimeVest Partners:

Telephone: +20 (0) 2 3865 3876  


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